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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning be, it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday august 1st. matt is off and alicia vitarelli is joining us. >> we are following breaking traffic news for you this morning. if you're heading out heads up. a crash on route 42 is diverting traffic in gloucester township and that is just the beginning of a tremendous mess on that stretch. >> and new this morning, a fire rips through a popular restaurant in cape may courthouse. >> plus, the humidity is making a return along with temperatures in the 90's. that sun is getting nice and ready to toast us this morning. >> all right, well, dave murphy is going to have accuweather and give us more on that. matt pelman of course has
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everything that's going on there in south jersey. it is a snarl. he's in for karen rogers. good morning. >> all right, well, we're off to an okay start across the region. the sun is getting ready to come up over the horizon nice and bright. if you're starting to work out in this you'll see lots of sunshine, sunscreen a good idea but you'll feel warmer and more humid. no precipitation obviously this morning though. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia. 64 in allentown. 64 and fairly comfortable in reading. 68 degrees in wilmington. more humid down by dover and cape may where the numbers are also a little higher in some cases. here are the dewpoints. yesterday we showed you numbers in the 50's across most of the region. today mid 60's in much of the area and closer to 70 in places like cape may so a little bit more humid. and this afternoon's going to be a little bit more hot. 71 degrees by 7 o'clock. 88 by noon and then 91 that's your high at 3 o'clock and we quickly drop back down into the low 80's by 7 o'clock. it will be a pretty precipitous drop there. looks like we have the heat and moderate humidity for the next several days, maybe a heat wave on tap.
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matt pelman i'll have details coming up in the seven day. >> speaking of dropping so are speeds over here in gloucester township camden county. what a mess this morning, david. three separate accidents along the 42 freeway the north-south freeway. this was the second of the 3t it's the overturned dump truck here on the on and off ramp from 42 northbound to college drive. exit 7b. this is where you get off to go to the premium outlets. you can see some of the contents of that truck have spilled out, some still in the back. extra problematic everyone was already being forced off of college drive because up ahead at blackwood-clementon road a really nasty crash happened at 2 o'clock this morning. they were investigating forcing everyone off at college drive. then that truck overturned. you can see the huge backlog as chopper6 hd pans back towards the a.c. expressway. in fact now this backlog is going back onto the expressway itself, which is right there around the corner. you're looking at miles and miles of jammed solid traffic.
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let's go to our next camera shot. again, it's that interchange where 42 and college drive meet up and this is where everyone is being forced off in the investigation of the two accidents continues. 4 miles per hour. you need to think alternates really, please, don't try and use 42 northbound. 168 the black horse pike has all the lights but that's a possibility. you can go with 47, 41. if you can get over to 55 i think that's going to be your best bet or stay farther to the east along 30 the white horse pike. there was also a crash on the southbound side by 295. that still has the right lane blocked so that's your third accident on 42. that southbound one not causing quite the same level of slowing. getting word of a new crash in odessa, delaware, that's blocking taylor's bridge road, 299 just a short chunk of it but use 13 or even old corbett road as an alternate and there's a nasty crash in bala cynwyd this morning. one vehicle involved in this is overturned. a chunk of conshohocken state road, route 23, is blocked. belmont avenue or montgomery
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avenue alternates around that mess. tam. >> all right, speaking of messes let's stick with that main one thats our breaking traffic news that crash that shut down a part of route 42 in gloucester township. that was the kickoff. and now there's a problem on the ramp where drivers need to get off. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes just got onto the scene about an hour ago. she's been gathering details. she's got everything for you. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, tam. it started as you mentioned with that horrific three vehicle crash early this morning at a terrible time in terms of the morning traffic going northbound on 42 and the only out drivers had which was this on and off ramp at college drive now an accident here. take a live look here behind me. we've got a little better vantage point so you can see what crews here are dealing with. an overturned dump truck right on the on and off ramp. it's not helping that a lot of people are slowing down and looking. traffic is already bad because 42 is cut off. let me give you an overhead look here with chopper6 hd. you can get another idea of just how backed up traffic is because of this accident.
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we haven't gotten any additional details on the severity of this accident but we did talk to the truck driver who is right near his overturned truck and he told me he's been through worse but of course this is pretty bad. he looks to be okay. hazmat crews are on the scene. there's one right up near the truck and others waiting on standby in case more help is needed. they tell me they're concerned about the gas tanks are possibly leaking so they're on standby to possibly clean that up. let me back you up and show you how all of this started which was that major crash on route 42 that happened at 2 o'clock this morning involving three separate vehicles. it was right near exit eight at blackwood-clementon road in gloucester township and one driver we're told was ejected and he is in very critical condition. two other drivers were injured and are in stable condition. they're being treated currently. now, if you are headed this way we said this morning that you could take this on and off ramp at 7b near the premium outlets and as matt mentioned
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there and i'll tell you as well you might want to avoid route 42 altogether. traffic is just crawling at this point. if you have to head this way, i suggest you give yourself plenty of extra time, maybe grab some coffee. you'll probably be in the car for a lot longer than you're used to but we'll try to help you through that you say. reporting live in gloucester township jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> jeanette good luck to our friends who are stuck out there in all of that. new this morning a fire damaged a barbecue restaurant in cape may courthouse. when firefighters arrived they found strong flames shooting from the barbecue along route nine near indian trail road. fire crews from stone harbor and rio grande helped to put the fire out. luckily, there were no injuries and there's no word on what started the fire. but the owners say the restaurant is closed now until further notice. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered to find a murderer wanted in delaware county. authorities released this enhanced image of the suspect. investigators say he shot john le saturday night in haverford township.
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the 29-year-old le had just picked up a pizza. he was walking to a nearby apartment complex when he crossed paths with the suspect. police don't know if it started as a robbery but they say le's cell phone is missing. less than an hour before that police say someone matching the same description opened fire in philadelphia's overbrook section. no one was hurt in that incident. >> it is 6:07 and baseball's all time hit leader and former phillies player pete rose is facing allegations he had a sexual relationship with an under aged girl decades ago. in a sworn statement the woman says she had the relationship with rose before she turned 16 back in the 70's. the statement is part of a motion filed yesterday in a legal fight between john dowd and pete rose. rose sued dowd for deaf makes a year ago because dowd claimed in a radio interview that rose had under aged girls delivered to him at spring training. rose admits to having a relationship with the woman but says it happened when she was 16. the age of consent in ohio.
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dowd led the investigation that ultimately got rose kicked out of major league baseball for gambling. the news comes just weeks before rose is supposed to be inducted onto the phillies wall of fame. >> ♪ >> turning to business this tuesday morning political chaos in south america could cause gas prices to spike here in the u.s. maribel aber is at the cnn center in new york with this morning's market watch report. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning alicia. oil hit $50 a barrel yesterday for the first time since the end of may that followed a rally that saw oil prices jump 9 percent last week. some of the gains come as demand for gas in the u.s. increases which has helped lower inventories. some believe the chaos in oil rich venezuela is also pushing prices higher. the dow posted another record high. consumer spending and motor vehicle sales are all due out day game stop stores are opened on thanksgiving.
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many store associates and guests asked for stores to stay opened. in 2014 the chain said it was staying closed on thanksgiving out of respect for employees and their families. tam and alicia, amazing who has the energy to go shopping after the turkey. >> i never understand. i'm not standing in line. >> no, you don't want. inside in the air conditioning maybe. it is going to be hotter and a little more humid today. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that we are looking at dry conditions which is good as we head outside we have sky6, lots of sun up over the horizon which generally isn't a bad thing. there's the commodore barry bridge but it is going to wind up hotter and it's already feeling a bit more humid out there. currently 72 in philadelphia. 67 in trenton. just 64 in allentown. not too bad up in allentown and reading where the humidity levels actually a little bit lower. it gets a little more humid as you get down towards cape may and dover and the temperatures are a little warmer there, too. who here are the dewpoints. most of us in the 60's versus
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the mid 50. any time you get over 60 you start to feel humid. mid 60 is moderate humidity the kind you'll feel if you get out there and work out this morning. maybe a little extra gulp of the gatorade. in terms of cloud cover looks like we'll develop a little bit as the afternoon goes on. the model is putting a little bit of precipitation, squeezing it out of the atmosphere this afternoon. i actually think the best chance of a little shower or thundershower is up in the poconos. but i just wanted to show you that to give you the idea there might be something that pops up here or there. lehigh valley clouds more humid a high of 90. hot side certainly. down the shore highs in the low to mid 80's up and down the beach. for a change we have a low risk of rip currents today so that's a nice improvement. still want to swim near the lifeguards of course. 91 is the high in philadelphia this afternoon. sun mixing with some occasional clouds. more humid than it was yesterday. by at least a little bit. and the winds eventually turning out of the north at six to 12 miles per hour. and then overnight tonight warm and a bit on the humid side, 74 degrees the overnight low, some suburbs probably getting down closer to 70 on
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the nose. and then tomorrow looks hot and somewhat humid again. tomorrow afternoon there's a little better chance of some pop-up showers and thunderstorms and the latest model even brings some of this down close to philadelphia t the better chance is probably up in the poconos, the lehigh valley, maybe toward reading. but for what it's worth this model is pushing some of this a little closer to i-95. if you're down the shore tomorrow it looks like you're probably too far away from this stuff to worry about it. your exclusive accuweather 7-day 91 is today's high, hot a little bit more humid. still hot, little humid tomorrow, 90 the high with that better chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. looking dry on thursday with a high of 91. still on the sticky side and then friday humid, a thunderstorm possible, 89 degrees. even these storms which should be the last of the week are probably going to be fairly spotty but you want to be careful of that on friday with a front coming through. and it does look like that front comes through faster now, so as we get into saturday, clouds maybe in the morning but some sunshine returns in the afternoon humidity probably drops, too. so, an improving forecast for saturday. and sunday of course also
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looks great, lots of sun and 82. >> a good beach weekend. >> yes, yes. >> thank you david. it is now 6:11. brand new at 6:00 a.m. it's been a growing trend in education later start times for students and now there's a push to get an entire state on board. >> plus, who says too much tv is bad for you? we'll tell you about one way to binge-watch that only works if you are pedaling a bike. matt. >> we would never be saying too much tv is bad for you. what i am saying is bad for you this morning is trying to drive on 42 especially northbound. we've had three accidents on 42 already this morning. one of which is this overturned dump truck. we'll talk about this, give you some ideas of how to get around the mess when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. traffic is our breaking news this morning. a really tough time there in south jersey on 42. one crash leading to other crashes. let's go on over to matt pelman. >> we're hoping this is not indicative of how the whole month of august is going to go 'cause it's been a really rotten start especially in south jersey, tam and alicia. this is how we kicked it off. about 2 o'clock this morning, a nasty three-vehicle accident in the northbound lanes of 42 by blackwood-clementon road. one of the drivers was ejected from one of the vehicles so it was a very serious accident. emergency crews are actually still out there on the scene and zoey happening then was they were forcing everyone to exit 42 northbound at college drive. exit 7b. that's the exit you get off to go to the premium outlets. then this dump truck flipped
6:16 am
over on that off ramp where everyone was being forced to exit because of the first accident. some of the contents of the truck have spilled out as you can see. i guess the bit of good news is if you have to exit northbound 42 you're stealable to do that but it's really slow getting by the overturned truck. getting i don't and to northbound 42 which you wouldn't be able to do any way because of the initial accident you can't do that there. that ramp is blocked in that direction. then there was a third accident on the southbound side of 295. at least that one is now gone so you're left with two and as a result of those two on the northbound side, all lanes are blocked at college drive. delays are huge at this point. speeds like 3 miles per hour. they're spilling back onto the a.c. expressway and now detouring routes like the black horse pike here are really starting to jam with speeds like 10 miles per hour. 55 over here starting to back up substantially through deptford up to 42. maybe think about using 47 and 41. that doesn't look too bad yet or stay way over east if you can on roads like 30 and 73.
6:17 am
it's a mess. of course we'll keep watching it. we're also watching situations in pennsylvania. here's the schuylkill is the vine. all overnight construction is gone so at least you're not dealing with that anymore but in bala cynwyd conshohocken state road is blocked because of an overturned vehicle crash by merion memorial park. belmont avenue or montgomery avenue would be alternates. upper pottsgrove word of a new crash along farmington avenue at stein mets road. maybe use 100 to get around that. at least in lower moreland that disabled vehiclology huntington bike at pike at byberry is cleared out of the way. tam. >> parts of south jersey are still getting drenched as a tropical depression moves east towards the atlantic ocean. yesterday tropical storm emily made landfall south of saint petersburg with winds reaching 45 miles an hour. the wind was so strong in fort myers a large portion of a resort's roof was ripped away like it was just paper and flash flooding is another concern. up to 8-inches of rain fell in
6:18 am
the last 48 hours. governor rick scott declared a state of emergency for 31 counties. >> new at 6:00 students in california can maybe get a little more shut eye before heading to school. the state senate has passed a bill to delay the start time at high schools and middle schools until 8:30. the bill's sponsor says 400 other districts throughout the country have adopted a later start time. the results were improved grades and attendance. but critics say the bill doesn't consider working parents who rely on early drop-offs to get their kids to school. >> ♪ >> interesting. coming up at 6:30 a condemned house might not be your idea of a million dollar listing so if you're ready for some sticker shock when you hear the asking price for a piece of california property. >> in today's tech bytes, hbo facing a major cyberattack. >> hackers bragged about stealing hbo programming including written material from the upcoming episode of
6:19 am
"game of thrones." >> they've posted full episodes of other shows and they're threatening to release more. >> the home robot is coming to america. >> it does a little bit of everything from entertaining the kids helping the elderly and controlling home appliances. price tag 600 bucks. >> an irish man created a stationary bike that feeds your netflix habit. >> site flicks doesn't allow netflix to play unless your legs are moving. the bike isn't for sale but you can watch kenny schmidt's instruct tams to learn to make one. >> fair warning. unless you're a tech geek don't bother. >> not the easiest of instructions. >> exactly. keep on riding in those are your tech bytes. >> have a good day.
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>> ♪ >> hi everybody, it's shoshana at soul beats studio with "action news" fitness tip. who doesn't love a good booty workout. grab a ball place are feet on it lay down. let's get right to it. this one is going to burn. back is flat both feet are on the ball knees together. push the hips up to the top. squeezing the booty. drop it back down. press it all the way up and drop it. 15. then 15 pulses at the top. don't lose that balance. keep that booty tight. three sets of this. you can do it. don't stop. if it's not burning, it's not working. >> i'll remember that. >> i do them but i hate them. >> they don't look like they would feel great at first but you know, then you get used to them. >> when you get to 10 and your muscles lock up it's not one. >> if you have any friends that use 42 in the morning get them on the phone send out smoke signals do whatever you have to do tell them not to go this way please. 42 northbound is closed. we've had three separate
6:23 am
accidents this morning. everyone forced off here at college drive. the alternate routes, the detouring routes are all getting really busy but we'll run them down again in a few minutes. problems in delaware. a crash in odessa blocking 299 taylor's bridge road. route nine has been closed since friday in smyrna about a 2-mile stretch of that because of some structural issues. paddock road or highway one would be alternates there. david. >> all right, satellite right now matt shows you that there is a lot of cloud cover but it's all out to the west of us. we have a couple of showers that tried to come in from the west. they are now kind of falling apart. if we get a shower this afternoon it will be mainly in the poconos. 72 degrees in philadelphia, 64 allentown, 68 wilmington, 73 in cape may. it's muggier out there this morning than it was as we went through the day yesterday. and today is going to be a bit hotter too. by 3 o'clock we're looking at a high of 91 degrees. cool drinks and sunscreen if you'll be out there working or playing today. if you're at the airport, heading down to maybe get out
6:24 am
of the humidity someplace, all green aircraft. no major delays and the only place we've seen any rain this morning has been down toward orlando but right now it appears as though it's drying out. alicia. >> all right, david, thank you. so the next time you're there and someone blows out their candles on a birthday cake just remember, there's more than joy in the air and apparently in the cake. researchers at clemson university found that blowing out birthday candles actually increases the amount of bacteria on the cake by 1400 percent. think about the spray as you blow out the candles. despite the yuck factor they say most of the time, the bacteria is not harmful unless the candle blower is sick. we're sorry. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> more subpoenaes have been issued in the ongoing investigation into the possible misuse of health insurance plans in several jersey shore communities. the atlantic county prosecutor's office sent out grand jury subpoenaes to clerks in atlantic city margate and ventnor. they are requesting personal and health insurance information on all police, fire and city employees in these municipalities. the three communities were told last month that they are under federal investigation. >> it is 6:27. we're following breaking news for you this morning. if you are heading out, heads up. chopper6 over route 42 for you. it is a mess. >> we're going to continue to watch this, matt pelman and jeanette reyes, she's out on the streets taking a live look here from chopper6 you see
6:28 am
that overturned dump truck. that is part two of a crash that is snarling south jersey. we'll be right back. >> ♪ ♪
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♪ >> ♪ >> breaking on "action news" multiple crashes in south jersey are impacting the morning commute. the very latest on that overturned truck. >> happening today, conrail and the city of philadelphia are transforming a troubled stretch on the tracks. >> new this morning, governor chris christie speaks out about the curve ball he threw back at a heckler during a baseball game. he says he got what he deserved. good morning, it is 6:30 on this tuesday august 1st. matt is off. alicia vitarelli is joining. >> we'll have team coverage on the mess on route 42 in south jersey this morning but let's get started with dave murphy and your accuweather forecast. >> right now the sun is up nice and bright as we take a look at satellite. there's no clouds encroach, on
6:31 am
the region at all. it does look like yesterday we'll start out a little sunny might be a little bit more cloud cover later in the afternoon than yesterday. temperatures are warming too. 72 trees degrees in philadelphia. 65 in millville and 73 in cape may. here's the change. the dewpoints are up a bit today. yesterday we had a lot of dewpoints in the 50's. now most of the area is in the mid 60's. that's not oppressive humidity but if you're outside working out or just doing some labor outdoors today you will feel the uptick in the humidity. i felt it a bit as i was walking out to the car in the predawn hours. it will be a little bit hotter. by 3 o'clock we'll be up to 91 degrees and then back down to 85 by 5 o'clock but there brief touch into the low 90's could be the start of heat wave number six as the next couple days we're looking at similar highs. details on that in the seven day, some improvement in the weekend call, too. that's all ahead, matt. what have you got on the roads. >> i wish i had some improvement but no, no, not yet david. we want to take you through the time line of what happened
6:32 am
this morning along 42 in gloucester township camden county. it all started here in the northbound lanes near blackwood-clementon road around 2 o'clock this morning t an accident involving three vehicles. it was a nasty one. you can see the cruiser still out here investigating, still sweeping up some of the debris that was left on the roadway. so, this accident which started the whole thing closed the northbound lanes. then all traffic was being forced off at exit seven for college drive, that's exit 7b there where you go to the premium outlets. on that off ramp a dump truck overturned. that was the second accident. so, that's still out there. some of the contents of the truck spilled out and now traffic system is getting by on that ramp but getting by around the overturned truck. let's go to the maps. our third accident was on the southbound side of 42 at 295. that one's gone as is the work zone on 295 so cross those off. don't need to worry about them anymore. what you're worried about the is the northbound side. here's the live look at what's happening. not a still shot. you see the southbound traffic
6:33 am
moving but the northbound traffic is standing still coming off the a.c. expressway. you're not getting anywhere up to college drive you're forced off and that's why we're seeing this huge backlog with speeds like 3 miles per hour that's spilling back onto the a.c. expressway. detouring routes are now also very crowded. 168 the black horse pike has of single digit speeds. 55 northbound is substantially busier than normal. maybe think about using 47 or 41 or if you can stay farther east at this point i think that's your best bet. 73, 30, the white horse pike, 'cause this whole mess around here, 42, black horse pike, 55 at this point not where you want to be. across the pond this is 76, the schuylkill expressway. more milling happened overnight so more rough road surfaces, plenty of westbound traffic like we see most mornings. i would not head for 23. instead conshohocken state road has an overturned vehicle crash by merion memorial park. stick with belmont or montgomery avenue to get around that on this very busy tuesday morning, tam.
6:34 am
>> okay, thank you, matt. and of course we're going to stick with this breaking traffic news. that serious three-car crash has closed part of route 42 in camden county. now there's been a secondary crash that matt was just telling you about including the one with the dump truck on the ramp where they were diverting people from the crash. it's a headache. let's go on over to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes. she is live out there on the scene in gloucester township with what it's like if you're stuck in this mess. goodgood morning. >> reporter: hardly any good news to share with commuters other than maybe traffic is at least getting by very, very slowly though. let me step out of the way and give you a live look at what you're looking at right now and what drivers going by here are also looking at that's slowing down traffic even more so. traffic is being diverted forced off at exit 7b near the premium outlets and so it's only one lane on this ramp and a lot of drivers are slowing down to see what all the fuss is about. this is the secondary accident
6:35 am
happening after the first one that happened just overnight, this truck overturned its a dump truck that overturned. we talked to the driver and he told me i've been through much worse. this looks pretty bad. he appears to be all right. hazmat crews are worried that the gas tanks, the saddle tanks are leaking and that will present another problem in terms of cleaning this all up. chopper6 hd giving you a better vantage point of what the holdup is. and to be quite honest this could take a long time to clean up, get this truck upright. i want to move on to the first accident that happened around 2 o'clock on route 42 near exit b at blackwood-clementon road. this involved 378 vehicles. one driver we're told was ejected from his car. he is in very critical condition this morning. two other drivers are in that stable condition. they're being treated at this hour. now, initially we told you if you were headed this way to go ahead and take the on and off
6:36 am
ramp which is where we are right now, 7b but as matt mentioned not only is this on and off ramp congested all the other detours are congested. the best advice i can give you is to avoid route 42 altogether and if you must come this way give yourself plenty of time, call your boss tell him you might be a little late, grab a cup of coffee. we'll try to keep you posted both on air and online as soon as we get an update out here. reporting live in gloucester township jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> all those bosses have to do is look at our chopper video and they'll get it. jeanette thank you. abc news is reporting that president donald trump personally dictated donald trump jr.'s first statement about his meeting with that russian lawyer. it's one that many consider to be misleading. the trump team was trying to get ahead of a new york times story last month. according to two senior level sources, the president worked on the message on behalf of his son while flying back from the g20 summit in germany.
6:37 am
donald trump jr. had claimed the 2016 meeting was focused on an adoption program between the u.s. and russia. it wasn't until later that he acknowledged that he met with the lawyer after being told he may receive damaging information about hillary clinton. the new revelation comes as another member of president trump's team exits the white house. communications director anthony scaramucci was fired. just 11 days after being appointed. this happened on the very same day john kelly was sworn in as the new chief of staff. the president's spokeswoman says scaramucci lost the president's support when he went on a profane rant against other staffers to a reporter with the new yorker magazine. >> it is 6:37. and happening today the former mayor of reading will be in federal court in philadelphia. it is his first appearance on corruption charges. vaughn spencer is indicted on nine counts of bribery along with wire fraud and conspiracy. the charges stem from an alleged scheme to boost contributions for his reelection campaign in 2015
6:38 am
which in the end he lost. >> ♪ >> happening today the army corps of engineers will be in margate to help drain all that standing water left behind by heavy rains over the weekend. not only do residents consider it an eyesore they say this is a health hazard becoming a breeding ground for bugs and bacteria. the army corps' dune project is expected to continue at the jersey shore town through labor day. in just a few hours cleanup resumes along an open air drug den in kensington. conrail has teamed up with the city of philadelphia to clear a half mile stretch of train tracks where heroin addicts go to buy and use drugs. crews will be out there seven days a week now for about a month to remove the dangerous debris and to help build some secure fences. >> new on "action news" new jersey governor chris christie is responding to the viral video of him confronting a heckler. the republican governor was caught on video getting in a man's face during sunday's brewers-cubs game in milwaukee. christie told cnn's jake
6:39 am
tapper he ignored the man's comments the first time but when the man yelled at him again calling him a hypocrite he said you know what, hold and. he said he felt like he had something to say. >> if you give it you're going to get it back and i think that was a very mellow reaction from a new jersey governor to just say, you're a real big shot, you know. >> christie says public officials are "not meant to be public punching bags." >> he's not one to take a back seat either. he'll tell you what he thinks. >> he said hold my nachos. [laughter] >> let's talk about accuweather. it's going to get hot. >> yeah, a little hotter and more humid. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we are still dry, though. as we take a look outside we have sky6 and lots of sunshine coming up over the horizon right now. there is center city. looks like our temple university camera and obviously william penn and everybody else enjoying a lot of sunshine. unfortunately it is a little bit muggy. temperature is 72 degrees which is a little ahead of where we were this time
6:40 am
yesterday and the dewpoint is also up to 66. that's not oppressive humidity but high enough where you start to feel it especially if you're making a quick run to catch the bus or if you're just out there doing a jog. winds have turned out of the west-southwest 5 miles per hour not all that strong. ocean temperature 75. down by atlantic city. dewpoints across the region are up in the 60's right now. not quite so bad in allentown but all these mid 60 numbers and then of course up to 70, that is that humidity you can feel. so, a change on the dewpoint map today. future tracker6 showing a little bit of cloud cover. a little pop-up sprinkle or shower at times. i think the best chance of that along with a thundershower is really up in the poconos today but for what it's worth the model trying to squeeze out a little bit of something this afternoon here or there. most of you probably don't have to worry about that. 73 by 8:00 a.m., 82 by 10:00 a.m., 88 by noon. a little bit humid out there but if you don't mind a bit of humidity maybe you can still get out there in the shade and have lunch on a park bunch. 91 is your high at 3 o'clock. then we zip back to 84 by about 6 o'clock.
6:41 am
high temperatures across the region, it looks like close to 90 from allentown straight down to philadelphia. and all the way down to about millville. at the shore it looks like mid 80's today and for a change there is a low risk of rip currents today. swim near the lifeguards though. as we take a look at future tracker6 for tomorrow going to start out with clouds then it's a clouds and sun mix. tomorrow afternoon however you'll see even more of this spotty shower and thunderstorm activity popping up. most of this will be up by allentown, the poconos, reading but this latest model run does have a little bit of it drifting down toward i-95. if you're down the shore tomorrow you probably don't have to worry about it. x tropical storm emily which formed on the west coast of florida just after the morning show yesterday is no longer a tropical storm. it's heading away from florida. we're starting to dry out down there in case you're traveling down that way and it looks like the storm does not become a tropical storm as it heads back over the water. it might be strong enough to push some rip current activity on our beaches later next week though. 91 degrees t-, or later this week i should say. 91 is today's high, hot a
6:42 am
little bit more humid. still hot and humid tomorrow a high of 90. a thunderstorm here or there and then 91 warm and humid on thursday and if we get the three straight days of 90's that will be heat wave number six. not a super oppressive one but there it is. looks like that important to is faster now might come in friday or friday night and that would mean clouds giving way to sun and lower humidity on saturday so we're kind of improving the forecast for saturday. helps out union fans and others with plans outside. sunday 82 and low humidity. really nice. >> all right, thank you, david. it is 6:42 and up next a texas take down. the tables are turned on two crooks when a grandma near houston is found to be packing heat. >> new at 6:30 the hill top house in california that takes the term of fixer upper to a whole new level. matt. >> we could use some fixing upping along 42 this morning alicia. we've got huge delays northbound delays coming off the a.c. expressway, all because of a couple of accidents up ahead. northbound 42 remains closed and now our detour and our
6:43 am
alternate routes are also congested. we'll tell you about them give you some ideas how to get around this major backlog when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪ getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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>> welcome back. you can see that backup out of south jersey behind matt pelman an accident that happened as we were coming on the air has made for a rough morning. let's go over to him. >> if you like morning commutes that last you most of the day, then 42 is the road for you this morning. but i don't think you want any parts of this. it is an absolute parking lot, tam and alicia here cupping off the a.c. expressway.
6:46 am
no, this shot is not frozen. look at the southbound traffic. it's northbound that's not moving. looking at speeds like 2 miles per hour. those delays spill back onto the a.c. expressway. so, what in the world happened here to cause this major backlog? well, first, it was this, a crash around 2 o'clock this morning in the northbound lanes by blackwood-clementon road involving this vehicle and two others and one of the drivers of one of the vehicles was ejected so it was a nasty crash. there was debris on the roadway. they're still out there sweeping up at this hour and it caused this initial backlog. so then they said okay we're going to close down the northbound lanes of 42 and we're going to force everyone off at exit 7b for college drive. then this happened. this dump truck flips over on the off ramp that was the detouring route. so, now you can see one lane of traffic slowly squeezing by on this on and off ramp because everybody is still being forced off but they're slowing down more to look at this truck on its side with its contents spilled out on the ramp. so the bottom line is you want
6:47 am
no parts of any of this. a.c. expressway or northbound 42 you really need to think alternates but the problem is not many -- now many of them are back logged as well. 7 miles per hour along the black horse pike, 28 and then 13 as you come up 55 to merge in with 42. you can use maybe 47 and 41 or i'm recommending staying farther east if you're able to. bail off the a.c. expressway at 73, winslow and then 73 or 30 over toward 295. stay farther to the east if you can and you'll be better off. across the pond this is 95 southbound side now busy from this point at bridge street into girard but most of our pennsylvania highways it's just normal morning volume except we are watching this on 23 an overturned vehicle crash blocking it off for a short chunk by merion memorial park. belmont avenue or montgomery avenue are alternates there. tam. >> okay, good luck to everybody out there. thank you, matt. new here on "action news," police in ocean city, maryland, are trying to figure out what killed a woman. her body was found partially buried in the sand yesterday
6:48 am
morning. the 30-year-old victim was vacationing from texas. the beach has since been reopened. the medical examiner expects to have some sort of cause of death within a few days. >> you ma it have heard don't mess with texas. don't mess with this granny there either. a 60-year-old grandmother shot and killed a home invasion suspect. investigators say two armed men came into the house through an open garage door. that's when the grandmother pulled out her own gun and fired at the two suspects. one man was shot and killed. the other ran off. some neighbors say she did the right thing. >> you know what, in the state of texas, you're going to go on somebody's property, you're going to get shot. that's just the way we are. that's -- this is texas. >> the woman told investigators she did not know the men. it's not known whether she will face any charges. we'll be right back. >> ♪ pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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>> we have a breakfast buffet of traffic troubles this morning. >> i know. >> no question the main course is out on 42 in gloucester township camden county. northbound side is a parking lot coming off the a.c. expressway because of a couple accidents up ahead. all traffic still being forced off at college drive. more on the alternates in just a minute. upper pottsgrove still watching a cash along farmington avenue and down in odessa a chunk of 299 is shut down because of an accident this morning. maybe stay over on 13 or old corbett road and nine is still blocked for a couple miles in
6:52 am
smyrna. some problems with the road that developed on friday so paddock road or highway one would be alternates around that situation. no big problems at this point on highway one itself or 95 as you travel up toward wilmington. those look okay at this hour, david. >> all right, matthew. in the weather sent we have cloud cover off the coast. we are looking at sunshine building right now across the region and there were some showers earlier out to the west but they're falling apart. definitely looks like it's going to be another day that features a lot of sun, maybe a couple more clouds popping up later in the afternoon. 72 degrees in philadelphia, 69 in wilmington, 64 in allentown, 73 in cape may. you will notice an uptick in humidity as you head outside this morning and as you move through the day. a it's a little bit hotter with a high of 91 degrees at 3 o'clock. tam. >> thank you david. a police officer in oregon posed way prime suspect in a noise complaint. the loud mouth turned out to be a screeching parrot. owners of the 10-year-old
6:53 am
macaw named bird say the bird loves to talk. it apparently just struggles with volume control. [laughter] >> same for me sometimes. a realtor in california is taking on quite a challenge. you have to see this. valerie krol is trying to sell this hill top home. it's got unbelievable views but take a look at the condition. buyer beware. that house is teetering on the edge of a landslide. in fact the city has deemed it unsafe for occupants. >> we're going to look at this and think there's no way. >> there's always people that love to say no way and i'm looking for the people that look at it and say there's a way. >> for those people despite the dated looks and the dangerous location, the property is still going for $830,000. but she says in a neighborhood where the comps are roughly $1.5 million this house a steal.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> ♪ >> let's end this tuesday morning with at least a little bit of relief along 42 northbound. now the far right side of the roadway is opened to traffic passing the original accident scene but our next camera shot shows delays are humongous coming off of the a.c. expressway where you're jammed solid. next camera shot with delays
6:57 am
spilling back onto the acx itself david. >> in the 70's right now. humid out there. this afternoon will be hotter than yesterday with a high of 91 a little bit above average for this date an bit more humid than yesterday. >> we'll be back with the latest on what's going on in south jersey. for matt pelman karen rogers matt o'donnell alicia vitarelli, dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. >> ♪ ♪
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, white house sources now reveal it was the president himself who drafted his son's misleading explanation about that meeting with the russian lawyer. as the new chief of staff takes charge of the west wing forcing out communications director anthony scaramucci after just 11 days on the job. breaking news, taken in the dark of night. the dramatic video showing two politicians abducted as the crisis with venezuela's president hits a breaking point. the trump administration unleashing new sanctions, why this crisis could make gas prices skyrocket here at home. princess diana's friends outraged over the new documentary featuring secret tapes of the late princess. >> i should have never did that. >> reporter: they reveal her


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